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So, as you can see from our bios, we’re parents too. While that isn’t the whole aspect of our identities, it is a big part of it. From being in the community of parents in the Triangle, we know there are things that we have been wanting to have as resources to help with chasing kids. Since the sole purpose of this blog isn’t a parent blog, we’ll compile all that stuff here. I mean, there will still be kid-friendly reviews time to time, sure. But, this will be the spot to bookmark to find it all in one place. So welcome to the Parents Corner and please, please, please send us things you want added (either here or through social media where we update often). This page will be updated and added to as much as possible. Also, if you see something that needs changing- please let us know as well. There are a lot of spaces to keep up with so the more eyes, the better.


Freshly Picked: Velvet Night

Since the theme of the week is Freshly Picked moccasins, we’re excited to share what our pick is for fall. Starting today (at 10am), two new styles will be available in the shop as part of the Boho...

Outings Parents

Waller Family Farm

We were looking for a fun activity for my toddler when we came across Waller Family Farms. Located three miles from Chapel Hill and up Garrett Road, not far past TJ Maxx, is a cute strawberry...


Peek-A-Don’t: A Haircut Saga

One thing we all have to do when we have toddlers is start the haircut process. We all first try to do it ourselves and quickly find out, the blood curdling screams and untrained hands with sharp...


Caught in the Crosswinds

I have a son who is obsessed with planes. I mean he’s as obsessed as the spokesman for Oxi-Clean is about Oxi-Clean. Every morning he wakes up and the first thing he is talking about is planes or...


Kid Friendly Calendar- by day

Index of activities on the kid friendly calendar by days of the week. Because I never know what is available to do on certain days. And it’s always a hassle to look up every place my kid likes...