Freshly Picked: Velvet Night

Since the theme of the week is Freshly Picked moccasins, we’re excited to share what our pick is for fall. Starting today (at 10am), two new styles will be available in the shop as part of the Boho Indigo collection. Santa Fe, a tan moccasin with a sweet blue and white boho print on the heel, and Velvet Night, a beautiful dark blue suede moccasin.

Freshly Picked velvet night

As a release partner, I was given the choice of one of the new styles to try out for Noah. Since I love a good navy and am ready to usher in the fall, picking out Velvet Night was a no-brainer for this house. Ever since they arrived a few days ago, they are all Noah will wear. He’s loves his “new blue shoes” as he calls them.

FullSizeRender 5I had a friend ask what the suede is like durability-wise and so far, so good. Freshly Picked does have a little kit for the suede shoes to help keep them looking fresh, but we’re a week in of Noah running around outside and there haven’t been any issues. We’ll probably purchase the kit at some point.

The Pros

They have the trademark elasticity so they are one of the easiest pairs of shoes to get on and off. When they have been taken off for whatever reason (and the reasons for my toddler shedding his clothes are many), they’re flat and I can just toss them in my bag. The color is insanely gorgeous and will go with everything for fall and winter. They’re comfortable- we give Noah a choice of shoes to put on every day and these have been his top pick since we got them. They’re durable- I have a friend with an 22-month old who has only ever worn FP moccs and only stops wearing a pair when he outgrows them.DSC_0716

The Cons

Hard to find any- and not in a “oh, she has to say that to get a pair” kind of way because I could say that they’re terrible and still get a pair. They’re just really well made shoes. If I had to come up with a con though, then perhaps only that I would have to buy that suede kit because I can’t help that my taste in suede requires more maintenance! But then, I guess I don’t have to buy it. Right now, they look great.

So there you have it: I’m loving Velvet Night from the new collection and am ready for fall/winter to get here. We’re still giving away a pair of Freshly Picked moccs which runs until Saturday, so enter to win the style of your choosing! Maybe you’ll want one from the new collection? Check out all the styles here.



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