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Reminder to ‘Look For The Helpers’

There are a lot of conversations going around. Conversations about sadness, loss, and grief. Conversations that are wildly one-sided and divisive, perpetuating violence and hate, which only adds fuel to the fire. These are not the conversations I want to have today.

Yes, there is a time and a place for those conversations. Maybe I will be better able to articulate my feelings on those subjects tomorrow. Today, I want to have a conversation about the good. There is still good.

Photo credit: Bunch

Photo credit: Bunch

This is what I try to remember when it gets too crazy out there. And this is also what I’ll try to teach my kids.

As a critical care nurse in a trauma unit, I see people of all social classes and all races, being scared of losing their loved ones. I see people from all groups holding strangers in the waiting room, trying to provide some comfort. I see where unlikely groups of people can come together in unity in spaces where there is no room for hate.

Again, I know that is not the case everywhere or in every situation- this is not that conversation.

Watching the footage from the Dallas shootings, you see protesters and police alike huddled together behind cars. On many of the Facebook groups I’m in, a recurring theme coming from people of all backgrounds is “What can I do?”


Two local restaurants, Pie-Zano’s Pizzeria and Courtney’s New York Bagels and Deli were highlighted for starting Pay-It-Forward walls, where customers could buy a menu item and write it on a Post-It-Note with a message of thanks that are later redeemable by firefighters, police officers, paramedics, or active veterans. I’m seeing posts from white friends who have signed up to volunteer with black organizations that have fewer resources. I’m seeing posts from people who want to get more involved with their communities, find opportunities where they can close the racial gap, and facilitate open-minded discussions. I love that. I want more of that.

Today, that is my focus. Finding the little bits of light that will help drive out the darkness and finding the light that will allow me to show my kids where “the helpers” are and that there is still good in this world.

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