Happy + Hale

Happy + Hale is an awesome café that started out with a tricycle and a golf cart before evolving into the two brick and mortar stores that now exist in Raleigh and Durham.

happy + hale

Happy + Hale is a gorgeous café that is full of wood furnishings and subway tiled walls. With a serving station similar to that of Chipotle or Subway, you have the option of ordering from the menu of curated selections of smoothies, salads, protein bowls, and all-day breakfast items or custom creating your own. There were also bottled cold pressed juices in a fridge that were made in-house and looked delicious.

With so many delicious looking items, it was really hard to make a choice. I ended up with the avocado toast ($7.95) and sunny side egg (+$1) while Isaac got the Almond Brothers Smoothie ($5.95/16oz.). At first, I was filled with regret thinking that I wouldn’t be full and wondering why I didn’t just get one of the bowls. Luckily, all my fears went right out the door when I was served. One egg on avocado mash covered in red pepper flakes, olive oil, and capers on two delicious, thick pieces of multigrain toast was more than filling. I was glad to have felt like it was money well spent and was as full as if I had eaten a traditional lunch. Isaac said his smoothie was really good; the chocolate, almond butter, and coffee blend combined most of his favorite flavors.

happy hale toast

Some of their other cool things include yoga. They share the building with Yoga Off East who holds classes in the back rooms. I looked up the description of classes online and they seem to have a nice range of classes from vinyasa to fusion to beginner. As I have recently gotten into yoga, I am looking forward to trying out some of these classes.

Overall, it was great. The atmosphere was inviting with a variety of people from students to parents to the business folk. The staff was very friendly and you can tell that providing excellent customer service is a top priority. I also think that it’s great how they try to keep waste to a minimum with their composting/recycling in-store initiative. I definitely will be going back and will post future pictures on Instagram when we get a chance to try out the other food items.

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