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Bar Virgile was an unexpected delight. Located in Downtown Durham, the restaurant features a dining room that feels like a 1920’s speakeasy with old-school leather booths and exposed brick walls. The vibe of the dining space is intimate and friendly, the low lighting was just low enough that you look your best but you can still see your food perfectly. Do not be thrown off by the name Bar in Bar Virgile, this place is actually a top-notch restaurant.

bar virgile

The food was simply amazing rivaling any critically acclaimed destination in Durham. The food has something that is hard to describe but you could taste it, it had heart. We started off with a meat and cheese platter. They have a variety of options so you can pick your meet and cheese. We had the Molinari and Sons Hot Coppa (cured pork from San Francisco- $7) and the St. Andre (triple cream cow’s milk from France- $7). , The platter comes with bread, spicy mustard, and pickled onions and the dish as a whole tasted incredible. bar virgile burgerI had the short rib burger and fries ($11); this was the best burger I have found in Durham, period. My wife had the Garganelli, a pasta dish with fennel sausage. The pasta was made fresh and the taste was delicious.

Bar Virgile obviously has a large drink selection and each drink is thoughtfully handcrafted with creativity and care. My wife had the seasonal sangria and I had the Manhattan. They were both delicious and we were feeling great afterwards.

The service was really good too; our server, Eleanor, was attentive but also gave us time to want more which we did. We really did not want to leave this place it was so warm and inviting so to extend our visit we ordered dessert. Around this time, a small band came in through the back door and played some live music. At first glance, you would never guess that they could orchestrate live music in such a small space, but they did! And it worked. If anything, it made the space more intimate.

Upon recommendation by the waitress we had the German Chocolate cake. I had no idea what German chocolate cake was supposed to taste like. Yes, I have had German chocolate cake from Harris Teeter and the like, but after eating Bar Virgile’s, I quickly realized I have been eating a fake version of the recipe. This cake was so good I have half a mind to order three pieces and just eat that for dinner next time I go. Bar Virgile is my new favorite date spot in Durham hands down. Thanks for existing.

bar virgile meat and cheese

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