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Well$: Artist Interview

Our second artist spotlight focuses on Well$, the Charlotte rapper, who we interviewed at Moogfest 2016. Not only does Well$ perform as a solo artist, he also is one-third of Black Hearts Club, a group that is also made up fellow Immaculate Taste artists Lucho and Alec Lomami.  Featured in Billboard, Pitchfork,  XXL Mag, News and Observer, and more, he is certainly one to watch. Don’t be surprised if you hear “Django” blaring on a top 40 list sooner rather than later.


Well$ performing at Motorco. Photo by Tommy Coyote for Moogfest.

Liane S: How was Moogfest for you?

Well$: Ah man, Moogfest was crazy, man. It’s been a big reunion and just meeting a lot of new faces. It’s crazy, its awesome. I love it.

LS: Is Moogfest one of the bigger festivals you’ve done?’

W: Yeah. I’ve done Hopscotch about two years ago. This is definitely one of my most favorite shows though. I love the vibe out here and actually being in Durham.

LS: How was performing at Motorco?

W: I had a great time at Motorco. The crowd was dope the lights were dope. I’m a little hard on myself though. I’m getting over a chest infection, but if you couldn’t tell then, hey, we’re good!

LS: Can you tell me a bit about your creative process?

W: Ah man, that’s actually wild. I don’t even have a set process. I just don’t know, man. It depends…like if I hear a beat I really like, I might make a song right there on the spot. Or if I’m in the studio, I might freestyle right there on the spot. It just changes. I don’t like to get into one routine because eventually you just make one sound. I want to always be changing and evolving…I guess my process, is I don’t have a process.

Well$ performing for Moogfest 2016. Photo by BasileShingu for Moogfest.

Well$ performing at Moogfest 2016. Photo by Basile Shingu for Moogfest.

LS: How would you describe your style?

W: My style? It encompasses everything… I don’t even know. I cant even put myself in a box. I can be a gangsta rapper, I can be your skate boy rapper. I’m a chameleon.

LS: So you just do it all?

W: Trying to!

LS: What advice do you have for people wanting to get into the music industry?

W: Researching the industry is gonna help you a lot. And consistency- not treating this like a hobby- treat this like a job. Cause it’s a lot. It is a lot. Especially if you want to live like the rappers you see; they are doing a lot of work and they’re doing music 24/7. Like they don’t have another life besides music. So be prepared for that. I would say figure that first- establish if you want it to be a hobby or if you want to actually make a career out of it. And from there, study the industry and grind and work…(see video clip at bottom for extension on this answer).

LS: How does your solo process and [your group project] Black Hearts Club differ?

W: Black Hearts Club is more of an actual process and an actual routine. The producer, Luca, makes the beats and sends them out to us and we kind of like talk about it and what we want to accomplish with the songs. Will it be a rap record for Well$ or do we want to make a song or do we want to make a vibe ?

LS: So does Lucho help you with both sides as an individual and in the group?

W: On my personal side, he mostly does production towards the end like arranging and stuff like that. But Alec (Lomami), the other half of the Black Hearts Club,…he actually does a lot of the heavy lifting on both sides both for me and Black Hearts Club.

LS: Black Hearts Club just had a song (Girl Tell Me Something) featured on the hit show, Orphan Black! How did that come about?

W: Yeah! They just hit us up and were like, ‘We want to use this song!’ It was super dope.

LS: What’s on the horizon for you?

W: The way I’m living makes my mom nervous. I’m dropping an EP very, very soon. I’m waiting for that

LS: And then more shows?

W: I’m trying to put together a tour right now.

LS: What do you hope to do with your music?

W: I want to be the soundtrack to someone’s life. You know what I mean? Not just background music. I want someone to hear my song and automatically take them back to the first place they heard it. You know that might be at a dinner date with your wife, and that [song played] the first time you went on a date. So you hear that song and it takes you back. That’s all I can really ask for, you know, to be the soundtrack to someone’s life. That would be dope.

There you have it. You can check Well$ out on Soundcloud. As always, I’ll leave you with this video.


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