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Waller Family Farm


Strawberry Fields Forever

We were looking for a fun activity for my toddler when we came across Waller Family Farms. Located three miles from Chapel Hill and up Garrett Road, not far past TJ Maxx, is a cute strawberry farm.

There is plenty available parking so you don’t have to wait or fight crowds to get a spot. We were greeted by two ladies who explained how the strawberry picking process works, which was great since we had never been before. We were given a flat, cardboard box and sent on our way.

Toddler BFFs.

Toddler BFFs.

My toddler loved the picking process, much of which consisted of him ripping strawberry off the bush and crushing them in his hand (don’t worry I put them in my basket). At $1.85 a pound for freshly picked strawberries, it is a great deal. There were some cows in the distance. They were nice to look at, but they were just grazing so not much fun for the kid. The strawberries were sweet and ripe; I felt very accomplished when we sat down to eat them that night (LIES!!! I worked hard sweating for those strawberries!!).

It was all in all a fun outing for the family and our money went directly to a working farm family, which is perfect if you would like to keep your strawberry money local. I will definitely bring my son back out here perhaps when he’s a little older so he can continue to learn where food really comes from- sorry Harris Teeter!

Tips before you go: They don’t take credit cards and they ask you to call (919-225-4305) before you come. They also do vegetables and other produce so they are open all year long!


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