Tacooooooooos (aka Virgil’s Original Taqueria)

virgil's taco

Virgil’s Original Taqueria is one of the Triangle’s newest taco joints that opened at the end of March. It is owned by Jonathan Seelbinder, the same restaurateur that brought you The Green Light, Linus & Peppers, and The Architect. Located in downtown Raleigh, it is a great addition to the already thriving scene of Latin influenced restaurants joining the likes of Jose and Sons or Gringo-a-go-go.

virgil's candleIt’s a small restaurant; there is seating for about thirty people and most of the seating is located in front of the bar. The bar looks into the open kitchen, which is a treat to watch as you enjoy tour meal. The finishing touches are charming with dark wood finishing everywhere, which has become the industry standard of cool, and candles with saints on them. I also liked how The Three Amigos playing non-stop on the flat screen TV by the bar.

The service was prompt and the menu was easy to interpret and understand, I personally do not like going into restaurants and having to ask what each item is in great detail. The drinks were delicious. On to the tacos- I ordered one Carne Asada taco (skirt steak, chimichurri, cilantro) and one Chorizo Con Papas taco (chorizo, salsa verde, queso fresco). My wife had the Carne Asada and the Pescado Frito (poblano tarter, pico, salsa roja). Honestly, these are the best tacos I have had in the Triangle; I think the only better taco I have had was in Mexico on my honeymoon. The meat was tender. You can tell they took their time cooking it as opposed to just throwing it on the grill, which is good but I have to chew and chew a lot. The chorizo taco was equally good; the chorizo was obviously house made and full of flavor. Most chorizo I have had around the Triangle is over seasoned, but this was not the case here.

virgil's guacI also had guacamole and chips. The guacamole was chunky and yummy, the serving size was ample, which was great nothing pisses me off more than spending $5 on a teaspoon of guacamole while being given more chips than I could ever eat. I am talking to you Chipotle!! I will definitely be back to Virgil’s to try some of their specialty items like the Butternut Squash taco or their Tostadas.

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