American Dance Festival 2016


Photo by Todd Rosenberg, provided by American Dance Festival.

The American Dance Festival (ADF) is in full swing once again. Founded in 1934 by 4 of the leaders in modern dance (Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman), the ADF works to create, preserve, educate, and build a wider audience for modern dance.

Photo courtesy of Pilobolus.

Shadowland in action. Yes, those are both dancers performing- even the one on the right. Photo courtesy of Pilobolus.

Pilobolus kicked off the ADF’s six and a half week season with their production, Shadowland. Remember making shadow figures of a rabbit or a dog on the wall as a child? If you can imagine, this incredible performance featured an hour-long show in the same format. The creativity and ingenuity of being able to create a story with those kinds of visuals is mind blowing.

But that is just the kind of talent that the ADF brings to the stage. This years season features 67 performances at 14 different venues (with nine of the performances being world premieres).

The festival runs until July 30th, so there is still plenty to see. With discounted tickets ($10) for ages 18-30 under the ADF GO program, special children’s matinees that are followed with a kids party in the lobby under the ADF Kids program, after hours parties with members of dance companies, and free festival tours/extras– there is something for everyone!

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