Chatham Hill Winery


DSC_0030When you think of wine in North Carolina your first thought is probably not Cary. Well, Chatham Hill Winery wants to change that one bottle at a time. Chatham Hill Winery is an “Urban Winery”, the first of its kind in North Carolina and the only winery in the Triangle area. The concept of an Urban Winery is pretty awesome. The purpose of placing a winery in a highly populated area is exactly what you think: convenience. No more two-hour drives into the countryside to get your drink on.

chatham hill wineryThe Chatham Hill Winery offers club membership, which will give you a discount on their products. The bottle prices are already reasonable hovering between $15-$22 a bottle on average. The Chatham Hill Winery has an inviting indoor space and bar where you can sample their latest concoctions. We did the traditional wine tasting which is $10 to try eight kinds of wine. It also included a tour by Marek, the funny and knowledgable owner and winemaker of the facility where wine is created and bottled on location. There is a private meeting space just inside the production facility, which you can rent out for different events. The tasting itself was pretty cool since I had never done a formal wine tasting before. They taught us how to smell the wine, swirl it to open it up for flavor enhancement, and more. The wines themselves were delicious and were smoother than most wines I am used to. I would actually go back and purchase many of the ones we sampled.

Chatham Hill wines can be found at te usual spots to purchase wine (Total Wine, various grocery stores, etc.) but to get the large selection of what they offer you have to come on down to Cary to sample. We plan on coming back to enjoy one of their outdoor events which they host regularly consisting of live music, food trucks, trivia, and (you guessed it!) wine.


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