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Veni, Vidi, Vici? Videri.

After brunch with the family the other day, Isaac found ourselves wandering around Raleigh checking out new shops while we still had the babysitter on the clock. We went around a corner into the Raleigh Depot and saw a sign for a chocolate factory. Charlie? No. Videri.

Videri chocolates

Need I say more? Who cares if it was mid-morning? Chocolate is always welcome here. We went in to the Videri Chocolate Factory and saw a counter selling little chocolates to the left and a big open sitting room in front of a coffee bar to the right. In the back is the actual factory.

Videri roasterHere, you can see the whole process from where the organic, fair trade ingrdients are stored, roasted, winnowed, ground, and packaged. You can read about each point of the process at the various stations while you watch it firsthand through the viewing windows.

There were two women working who told us more about the company while letting us sample the raspberry and cherry fillings, which were honestly some of the best fruit fillings I have ever tasted. You know how some fruit fillings taste overly sweet or artificial? That wasn’t the case here; these were perfect.

We grabbed our chocolates, the Coffee Ganache for myself and the Strawberry Anise Ganache for Isaac, and our drinks before sitting down to read at the tables. Both chocolates were awesome! The coffee flavor in the Coffee Ganache was not overpowering at all. Smooth and delicious. According to Isaac, the Strawberry Anise (which we later found out was a winner of the 2015 Good Food Award) was great. He described it as being satisfying after one piece, which is what differentiates it from a Hershey’s bar.

To sum it up, visiting the Videri Chocolate Factory was a great outing for a morning date. The chocolate was fantastic and the factory itself was neat to see. Upon finding out that we were first-timers, the customer in line behind us gave a warning, “be prepared to spend a lot of money and come back often!” After finding out that they are in Sams Quik Shop and the Whole Foods next to my house, I can see where that warning is applicable.

Videri coffee bar


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1 year 9 months ago

Looks like a fun place to visit!!!