Peek-A-Don’t: A Haircut Saga

One thing we all have to do when we have toddlers is start the haircut process. We all first try to do it ourselves and quickly find out, the blood curdling screams and untrained hands with sharp objects near our child’s head is to much to bear, that’s when I decided to get professional help.

peekado 1

Dad’s amateur attempt leading me to seek out a professional.

I Googled toddler haircuts and found Peek-a-Do! over by Southpoint Mall. I took my one year old there and paid $22 (before tip) for a bowl cut that literally took less than a minute to perform, my child was screaming the whole time. This didn’t even include a wash or a shampoo, but rather an attack from a spray bottle- similar to how you would spray at a cat.

Now, Peek-a-Do!  does have kid friendly seats with steering wheels and an awesome play area, but the cut did not reflect an experience that would please a toddler. I expected the stylist to use techniques to cut my child’s hair that I could not do myself. After the cut, I thought I paid $22 for another person to restrain my screaming toddler and cut his hair after the likeness of Jim Carey from Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber.

Peekado 2

Peekado Cut: Didn’t get hair around ears, uneven in back, traumatized kid, etc.

A few months later I decided to try Peek-a-Do!  again; maybe I just had a bad experience? I went at 5:25pm and found the store darkened, with all the TVs off, and every station packed up for closing. I walked in and found a young lady crouching behind her computer; clearly disappointed I had walked in. I was told that there wasn’t enough time to squeeze me in since she had two appointments for 5:45 and they close at 6:00pm. The irony that she had two appointments to do in 15 minutes, but could not do our cut in 20 minutes was not lost. With the store empty and the stylist checking Facebook, I left feeling brushed off and walked across the street to Sports Clips. My son really needed a haircut and, as I was 8.5 months pregnant, this might have been my last chance to get it done before the new baby came. (Spoiler alert: it was the last chance, the baby came a few days later). I asked if they cut toddler hair to which I was told of course. A young lady, Brittany, came over and took my son to one of the booths. She introduced him to all the equipment she was going to use and let him touch each item. She talked to him and lightly brushed his hair before performing any potentially scary movements. This is what I was expecting; all he needed was to be treated like a little human and he was ready for his haircut. The haircut was great! There was no screaming and I did not feel like the barber sat him down and immediately started attacking him with sharp object like at Peekadoo. Not to mention the cut was cheaper at $15! I got back to my car, still parked in front of Peekado, at 5:58pm where I saw the all of the lights plus the OPEN sign turned off and the stylist gone.

Just because Peek-a-Do!  has squeaky toys on the barber chairs and Dora the Explorer blasting in the background does not make it toddler friendly. Has anyone else been there? Did you have a better experience than us? Is the toddler haircut (especially for a boy) a universal struggle? Share with us in the comments!

Sports Clips cut: even in back, trimmed over ears, happy toddler.

Sports Clips cut: even in back, trimmed over ears, happy toddler.

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