Honeysuckle Tea House

This week, I was reminded that there is more to Chapel Hill than UNC and Franklin Street. I went to the Honeysuckle Tea House. It is a correctly self-described oasis located about six miles past Franklin street in a section of Chapel Hill I had no idea existed. The area is all farmland and forest; it is breathtaking.

Honeysuckle Tea House Front

The Honeysuckle Tea House is more than just a place to get handcraft artisan teas- it’s a place where magic happens. The main building is made out of shipping containers, which is pretty neat. All the seating is located outdoors under large rooftop to keep out the elements.  The house sits on several acres of land and the land is covered in rows and rows of fresh grown tea and herbs that are also for sale. Outside, there is a playhouse structure for kids that has a sandbox at the bottom. There is plenty of outdoor seating with a stage for concert events that they have weekly. Did I mention free wifi and abundance of power outlets?

Honeysuckle Tea House apothecaryThe tea house also has an apothecary with a selection of lip balms, herbal vinegars, and salves for your pleasure- all made from the farm. There are many specialty teas to choose from and a few food items like banana cookies and macaroons. The food and tea is fairly expensive, around $3 to $4 a tea, but you are paying for the experience not the tea. But in talking about the tea, we had the Vanilla Creme and the Mango Peach- both were incredibly refreshing and delicious without being too sweet.

The teahouse is so far away from civilization I think I just heard my self-think for the first time. You forget how quiet the world is without cars, electricity, and twitter shooting directly into your skull 24/7. This is simultaneously a great spot to work in peace or to get off the grid and get away from it all. I would definitely recommend coming here and enjoying nature, good music and a tasty beverage.

Honeysuckle Tea House back

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