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Favorite Things to Do at Duke Gardens

duke gardensEveryone knows about Duke Gardens by this point- at least I should hope. While I enjoy looking at the landscaped gardens and perfectly coiffed bushes with names I cannot pronounce, I actually go there for the ducks.

Yes, you know those ducks you see floating about- quacking and splashing, effortlessly gliding throught the water without a care in the world.DSC_0329
A little known fact at Duke Gardens is that you can feed the ducks! If you go to the Terrace Shop that is located in the main building overlooking the front entrance of the gardens, you will find $1 bags (well $1.08 with tax) of duck food for sale. Duke Gardens does not let you feed the ducks Wonder bread, leftover cookout, or anything you found under your car seat on the way to the gardens. But these sizable bags of duck food are fully sanctioned by the gardens.

All it takes is a few mintues of feeding a few ducks for the call to go out through out the gardens and upwards of 30 ducks will be quacking at your feet within minutes. It’s a lot of fun. It’s best if you bring your kids to share the experience. I once went by myself to feed the ducks and I ended up feeling a little creepy sitting there laughing by myself and feeding the ducks while small children looked on.


The next best thing to do at the gardens is to go to the large lawn with slopes on either side of it next to the koi pond. I bring a bubble gun which can make hundreds of bubbles with one pull of the trigger and my son goes crazy for it. I think I bought it at Target for $12.99 and we have gotten hours of fun from it.

These are my two favorite things to do at Duke Gardens. You can see trees anywhere, but hordes of ducks and fun with bubbles- priceless.

What are your favorite parts to explore in the Gardens? Are there other hidden gems you’d like to share with us?DSC_0362

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1 year 10 months ago

Oh that looks like such fun. I just love the bubbles! I would like to visit there.