In the Morning, I’m Making Waffles



If you are one of those “no gluten, low carb” highly disciplined excercise enthusiasts, with your sleek build, and eight pack abs this one is not for you. This restaurant is for the guy or girl who wakes up in the morning and your first bite of food is the leftover cake in the fridge from your kids birthday party a week ago- before the eggs, before the coffee, before the shower, and before the crack of dawn. Cake, that’s right I am just like you..nom, nom, nom, nom.

The Belgian Cafe is a new addition to the triangle and you can tell they are still working little kinks out here and there. I went with my wife, Liane, and my son, Noah. The place is small but charming. There are dark wooden tables and chairs and they also had a high chair for the little one. We ordered a traditional smoked salmon dish, you know to be cultured, and a Belgium waffle because that’s really why we there. The smoked salmon came wrapped around white asparagus (didn’t know that white asparagus existed) and was covered in a cream sauce. It also came with two scrambled eggs, toasted French bread, with fresh fruit topping off the dish.

belgian cafe salmon

It was a good healthy breakfast, or as I look at it, a nice warm up to the Belgium Waffle. The Belgium Waffle came next. It was beautifully plated with strawberries, bananas, and whip cream. belgian cafe waffleIt was Belgium-size, so about half the size of an American waffle, but still twice as much as we should eat anyway. The flavor was subtle but nice, my favorite part was the crispness of the waffle crust, which was just right. Most waffles I have are soggy- even before I slather them in syrup. My only complaint was that the waffle was not hot when I got it; I like my waffle to still be warm when I am eating it. Having said that it was the best real Belgium waffle I have had in the Triangle.

To me, the most impressive part of the Belgian Cafe was the pastry bar. You can immediately see that there is a real pastry chef slinging their wares about in this place. I really wanted to try one of everything. Much to my regret, I only tried one item- the macaroons. They were crisp and delicious. I would say if you want to experience a European style café in the Triangle this is one of the few restaurants that actually pull off that feeling. You just have to willing to drive to Apex to get it, but Apex is still a little closer than Belgium.

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