NC State Fair- 2015 Edition

It’s officially fall. The weather is cooler, boots are out, sweaters are on, and the NC State Fair is here.


The fair opened yesterday afternoon, but today was the first morning it was open. I arrived just before 10am and was a little surprised to see just how many people there already were. I went with my sister and my son, so it wasn’t going to be an all day affair for us because, well, nap time.

I will say that if you’re going with little ones, the morning was manageable. Last year we went on a weekend afternoon and it was pretty intense. But we navigated the fair with our stroller with ease and the lines weren’t bad at all. We even transitioned to the Ergo halfway through and that was a great way to wrap up our trip. If I were to do it again, I would probably be there a little earlier even.

What is there to review? If you’ve ever been to the state fair, not much has changed. It still has a great, classic vibe. There’s still something for everyone whether it’s games, rides, shopping, cooking contests, horse shows, gardening exhibits, animal barnyard, bingo, or fair food. So, instead of a wordy post, I’ll just post some pictures instead (click the image to see the¬†whole gallery). Don’t mind the clouds- we were surprised with some light sprinkling this morning.

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