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porchetta south pointPorchetta. Por-ket-a. You’ve probably passed them even if you didn’t know it. The bright red and black food truck motoring about the Triangle over the last three years? One of the food trucks that moved into the Southpoint Mall food court? Well, that’s them. If you’re a long-term fan, lucky you. If you’re just hearing about them for the first time, welcome to the club.

They’ve been written about before. The food is spectacular. The owners are so nice and professional. They have a food truck, brick and mortar, and cater events- they do it all.  Today, I’ll be reviewing the food, but come back later in the week for a special Q and A with one of Porchetta’s owners- Nicholas Crosson. I had eaten from the truck before already making me a fan. However, I had not gotten to try the Southpoint location or some of their newer offerings yet.

porches green monster
First up: The Green Monster.

A pork sandwich loaded with local greens fresh from Funny Girl Farms right out of Durham. The sandwich was great as expected- 1/3 lb. of meat on top of ciabatta bread. The pork was juicy, seasoned well, and topped with a garlic aioli.  The greens were slightly wilted, but not mushy, which paired with the meat perfectly.

porches sweet beef

Next: The Sweet Beef.

This is one of the newer offerings that can only be found at the Southpoint location. It is rotisserie beef made Chicago-style and loaded onto a hoagie. I didn’t know what to expect since they are marketed as a pork truck, but I was blown away. It was delicious. It was a savory sandwich, loaded with flavor. The sautéed bell peppers were a nice touch and really sealed the sandwich. The meat was cooked to perfection and juicy without making the hoagie soggy.

On the side: Crispy Rosemary Potatoes.

They were just as you would hope. A generous portion of crispy potatoes- flavorful and fragrant. I loved them. My son couldn’t stop eating them.

Overall, I was so glad to eat at the Southpoint location. The original food truck items (The Green Monster and the potatoes) were as delicious as ever. The new items, such as the Sweet Beef, can definitely be considered a new classic.  So, if you aren’t a food truck follower- be sure to check out the Southpoint location. It was absolutely worth the trip and I certainly felt much better about life eating there during my shopping excursion.

porchetta potatoes

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