Into the Looking Glass…Cafe


Every week, the husband and I get a couple of hours for date night, courtesy of my sweet and generous mother-in-law. It’s definitely something I look forward to. Last night, the husband and I were looking for somewhere new to go, since we like to mix it up and do different activities. My husband suggested the Looking Glass Café in Carrboro, which neither of us had been to before. He said it was supposed to be a café that had coffee, pastries, beer, wine, and board games. It ended up being the perfect outing.

We arrived to the Looking Glass Café around 8:30pm. The parking lot in back was hardly lit, which was a little unnerving since we live in Durham. However, Carrboro is pretty safe, so I guess that makes it okay. We walked around the side over a gravel pathway and under some fairy lights to the front entrance.

IMG_1484Walking in, it was exactly everything we thought it would be. A big open room with the coffee and service counter to the left. A variety of tables and couches were scattered across the room, mostly filled with people on laptops. In the far corner of the main room was a pile of board games for anyone to use. We ordered some drinks, but nothing to eat since we had just come from dinner elsewhere. Our barista was quick and delightful and had the exact beard, bandana, and flannel shirt you would expect when thinking about Carrboro. In addition to the drink, there were cupcakes, biscotti’s, Locopops, and locally made chocolates to choose from. We took our drinks to the back room, which had a lot of additional seating and a projection screen on the far back wall.

IMG_1488We had taken cards and played Yaniv/Yazee- a game we had learned at a hostel while travelling some years ago. The environment was perfect. We were able to play and joke around without seeming to disturb anyone else. Around us, there were lots of people studying or wearing headphones. A couple of other dates seemed to be happening as well.
I’m told it’s much busier in the daytime. I can see where it would be great for kids or groups of people earlier on as well. Overall, it seems like just the place to fulfill all sorts of your needs whether date night, late coffee, meetup for lunch and casual drinks, or a good place for studying.

My only complaint was that I couldn’t find a good chess set to use. Alas.


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