“Eat eat!” literally means “Chirba Chirba” in English.

Chirba Chirba dumplingsIf we are to be friends, you need to enjoy a good dumpling. The Triangle is not yet known for its high standard of Asian cuisine. Finding a great dumpling in the Triangle is like finding a place to park at Fullsteam on a Saturday night. But my friends (who must love dumplings), we have found here a tasty dumpling. Chirba Chirba, with their distinguishing bright yellow truck, is not new to the street food game. They have won all sorts of local awards and recognition ranging from best dumpling to best food truck. Chirba Chirba is fairly well known throughout the Triangle and for good reason- they are quite delicious indeed.

chirba chirba menuOn this particular visit, I got two types of dumplings: the Braised Beef and the Bayside Chive. The Braised Beef dumpling features beef, carrots, Dycon, and plum sauce all sealed in a classic boiled dumpling wrap. The flavors were bold and I could taste each ingredient. I also had the Spicy sauce as my sauce of choice. It was vinegary and had a kick; a perfect compliment to a dumpling. The Bayside Chive was made with pork, chives, carrots, and cabbage. It was more of a classic taste and was quite good, but I liked the full flavors of the Braised Beef better.

I enjoyed the dumplings so much I went back for the shaved Chinese sausage, which had a distinctly pungent, sour flavor that you have to learn to savor. I have learned to savor such foreign delights such as Chinese sausage and savor it I did. My only curiosity is whether the dumplings are fresh or frozen- I’d like to have a test taste for each to see if there would be a difference.

Chirba Chirba can be found all over the Triangle with standing weekly dates at Duke, Fullsteam, and various locations in Raleigh. They have a calendar of where to find them here. I love that they have paved the way for the dumpling trend and am looking forward to the new foods that will be coming out thanks to them.chirba chirba truck

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