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After a 12-hour shift on a Sunday night, my coworker and I were at a loss on where to go for dinner. We spent a few minutes in the parking garage debating and searching on our phones.
Food trucks? Couldn’t find one that was open close by. Fast food? No, it was a long day- we wanted something delicious and filling. We figured we would head over to the Rigsbee/Geer Street area and see if something would pan out.

We parked and saw all the restaurants and bars had crowds of people. We were drawn to the patio outside of Motorco Music Hall. Something about the hanging lights, the easy chatter, and fantastic aroma was calling our names.

I had been there countless times for varying events or for liquid consumption specifically. Whatever the case, I was surprised to realize I had never actually eaten at Motorco’s small restaurant, Parts & Labor.

Parts & Labor has a wide array of food ranging from your standard bar fare of sliders and fries all the way to more eclectic takes on items such as samosas and poutine. The food was so well priced; it truly felt like a steal for the value. Especially after a long shift, we could have shed tears of joy.

We ordered two cheeseburger sliders, an order of fries, and an order of potato latkes. I must admit, it was hard to decide- everything sounded so good. We sat at one of the tables on the patio and chatted over drinks while we waited for our food. The breeze was perfect, the lights were the right amount of dim, and the tables were spread out so it didn’t feel like you were sharing conversations with the tables around you.

The food was brought out to us- a nice touch. The cheeseburger sliders and fries were far from the average bar food. Even something that sounded simple was elevated. The sliders were delicious with a perfectly toasted bun. As my coworker said, “the onions really make it”. The fries tasted like they were made in house, which was refreshing. They even looked beautiful in the tray. The potato latkes were heavenly with the right amount of crisp. They were accompanied by sour cream and a homemade apple sauce side.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about Parts & Labor. Everything was perfect. We ate every bite. I can’t wait for a date night so I can go back and try something else. A flowery review? Perhaps. It really was that good though.

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