Lomo? I’ll take Mo’ mo’.

lomo market- things to do in the triangle
Farm fresh. Local produce. Good eats. That’s what you get when you shop at Lomo Market.
Being in an area surrounded by so many farms, I have to admit that I sometimes feel a little bit guilty when I go to my big box grocery store. Sadly, my work schedule ties me up on Farmers Market days just about every week. So why not just go and visit the farms on a regular basis? To be perfectly honest, my hands are pretty full with a wild toddler and I am lucky if I am able to make it the big store down the road.

lomo chalk- things to do in the triangleThat’s all about to change though and I am really excited about it. I was at Trinity Park with Hobbes when I saw the Lomo Market truck getting set up. I had seen them a couple of times in passing, both at the park and at various Durham Central Park events. My initial impression was that they were supposed to be like a little farmers market style pop up grocery store, which seemed pretty awesome.

Last Thursday, I decided to take a closer look. At first glance, I thought it looked so cute. The truck was painted and had a smart yet simple set up of tables, Specials chalkboard, and a pot of flowers in front of it. The two girls working, Molly and Kathryn according to the chalkboard, had the most welcoming vibe. They were sweet, smiling, and chatting away with all of the customers- myself included.
lomo market inside- things to do in the triangleOn the inside, that truck holds way more than I was expecting. They had tons of shelves packed full of fresh produce, coffees, jams, breads, and more. What really surprised me, however, was that they not only had a standing freezer for frozen foods, but they also had two fridges for meats, cheeses, and dairy products.While talking with Molly and Kathryn, I learned that everything they stock is local. And by local, they mean from North Carolina with the majority (75%) coming from around the Piedmont.

So what did I end up purchasing? I kept it small since I wasn’t going directly home and didn’t want the food to spoil. I ended up getting some peanut butter from Big Spoon Roasters based out of Durham, NC. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will soon. I’ve seen them everywhere and
sampled their peanut butter at a lomo peppersMuseum of Life and Science event. They have so many great flavors. I only got the classic peanut butter because that was the very last jar they had. I also got a loaf of Sourdough Bread. They said it was from a brand new vendor (I really want to say Strong Arm Baking Company, but I need to fact check that). It was dense, and natural, and delicious. My brother-in-law and I liked it instantly. My husband was on the fence at the beginning, but after eating a couple of slices, he changed his mind and decided he liked it a lot.

I asked Molly and Kathryn if Lomo Market was their venture and they said they just worked the truck but wished they had come up with the idea! Apparently there are two trucks that make 30 stops a week throughout the Triangle. Their schedule of stops is the same every week, which is really convenient if you want to preorder your groceries online for pickup. I haven’t tried this particular feature yet, but it seems like it would be super convenient and I probably will be trying it out in the next couple of weeks. I have really been wanting to get fresh dairy, eggs, and meat from a farm and this seems like a perfect and convenient way to get fresh food in the Triangle.


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