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There’s this great spot in North Durham, closer to the Museum of Life and Science area, called Northgate Park. Amazingly, I had never been there in the decade that I lived here. I guess that’s due to the fact that I have always just lived closer to other parks. This park has two play areas (one for big kids and one for the little ones), tennis courts, a walking path, an outdoor structure with firepit, and a separate swing set. It really is awesome.

What’s even more awesome? The fact that they have a food truck rodeo on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month. Every month. (It’s marketed as the 3rd, but the calendar looks like it fluctuates sometimes) Granted, it’s on a much smaller scale than the giant rodeos of Durham Central Park or Raleigh Fairgrounds, but there was good music, a variety of food, and great company- so a true rodeo it was.

The Northgate Park Neighborhood Association hosts the event. They even had a table selling T-shirts and passing out flyers where they were raising money for both the Association and for the community.

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The set up was right next to the tennis courts and the event started at 5:30pm. The food trucks in attendance were Porchetta, Bandido’s, Pie Pushers, The Parlour, and Fahsyrah’s Lemondade. Looking at past events, it seems as though the trucks and music rotate monthly, so boredom isn’t an option. I had Bandido’s which there will be a separate review soon. My sister had Pie Pushers which I tried and it was delicious. The Piedmont Lowlanders performed the music. They had a great bluegrass and folk sound, complete with guitars and banjos. They really added to the perfect end-of-summer feel that was completed by the cool breeze and the sounds of people having a great time. The vibe was very relaxed. Family friendly or date night- it really had something for everyone.

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Little Tips:

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·      Bring a blanket or lawn chairs. There is very little seating besides the grass. The event encourages staying awhile, so why not be comfortable?

·      If you get eaten alive outdoors like me, bring the bug spray.

·      Got kids? Might as well make an evening of it and bring balls, bubbles, or what have you and let those kids burn off some energy.

All in all, it was a great event and I will absolutely be going back.

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