Food Truck Friday- Bandido’s Stole My Appetite

bandido's truck

My family and I decided to check out the Bandido’s self-proclaimed ‘traveling taco trailer’. It looked good enough. The menus were nice and portrayed meal deals for a decent price. Drinks were a dollar extra. The service was quick.

bandido's Taco Plate

I got the taco plate. $7.00 earned me two tacos, rice, beans, and chips. My mom got the Quesadilla plate- substitute the two tacos for a quesadilla and it was the same thing for $8.00. Unfortunately, the food didn’t meet my every desire. I wish I could say it did. It was decent for what it was. Quick, inexpensive Mexican food. For being outdoors at an event and hungry, it’ll do in a pinch. The rice and beans were standard. The flavor of the tacos was hidden by the iceberg lettuce and cheese on top. I couldn’t say that the chips added much to the meal. My mom gave similar feedback on her plate. Ordinary food without much pizzaz. It filled our stomachs when we were hungry.

bandido's Quesadilla Plate

I know that they have a couple of restaurants, which are marketed as kid-friendly and welcoming to the college students. The drink specials and El Gigante burrito challenge (where you eat the 4.5 pound behemoth and you get it for free + T-shirt) are sure to draw customers in the door.

In summary, the food at Bandido’s was okay, but nothing to get excited about. Granted, it wasn’t the worst, but there are certainly other Mexican restaurants/trucks in the area I would try first.

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