We Parleyed at The Parlour

 the parlour sign

You know that recommendation from your “friends” you get about the best Chinese restaurant in the world, only to go there and find out that their most popular dish is fried rice and chicken wings? Well, this is not one of those recommendations.the parlour board

The Parlour is actually delicious ice cream. The ice cream is made fresh everyday and you can really taste the difference. They have the standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate, yet the flavors are still elevated. Of course, The Parlour also features many exotic ice creams such as Mango Chile or Rose Water Stracciatella. We had the Salted Butter Carmel and the classic Cookies and Cream. The Salted Butter Carmel was FREAKING DELICOUS! The depth of flavor was fantastic- salty, rich cream that ended with a buttery sweet after taste. The Cookies and Cream tasted like the classic cookies and cream we are all used to, but the quality was palpable. They even had homemade ice cream sandwiches. The prices are reasonable for it being so gourmet, starting at $3.00 for one scoop and going up from there.

The newer addition to downtown Durham is located on 117 Market Street. If you get lost, just follow anyone wearing a tweed jacket, vintage blouse, steam punk top hat, or ironic overalls and you will end up in front of The Parlour. The space is decorated by art deco paintings and prints. Be prepared to wait in line. Much like every trendy delicious food spot in Durham, lines are unavoidable.

Luckily, there is plenty of seating now that they doubled seating area earlier this year by expanding nearly 1000 square feet after taking over the old Playworks space next door. As far as kids go, they have ample high chairs and lets not forget how kid friendly the ice cream itself is. It is also a great place for a casual date. You can find a corner and play a game of go-fish with your date while sharing your ice cream in the flirtiest way possible.

The Parlour creates creative and delicious ice cream flavors for every mouth out there. It is the perfect place to go on a hot summer night or if you just want to feel like your part of the “cool” side of Durham. If you live in the Triangle, you need to try it at least once- especially if you don’t want to be silently judged by your friends when they ask you if you have ever had ice cream at The Parlour.

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